Start the New Year right! 

Now let's start planning! 

You can get the 2019 planning pack!

What you will get:

A5 planning system and A4 planning system: you get both of these so you can choose the right size for you! 

Please note that this is a digital download! 

Here's what you will get....

daily planner

Daily Planner

This allows you to plan your days!

There is a timed section to put in your fixed appointments and commitments!

You can note down your top tasks

There's even a space for notes

weekly plan

Weekly Plan

You need to see the whole week to work out what time you have at a glance! 

You can see when you have appointments and where you need to be! 

blank month

Blank Monthly Plan

Sometimes you just need to be able to see the whole month in one go and having one that is blank means you can use it for any month! 

weekly focus

Weekly Focus

This is where you need to start filling in the blanks! 

Stones are those big tasks and appointments that are already scheduled or moves you closer to your goals!

Pebbles are the less important tasks that you need to do but have more flexability!

Sand are the tasks that you fit in when you can, the normal tasks that aren't important but still need tackling! 

Birthday planner

Birthday Planner

Have a list of all the birthdays and important dates you need to remember in one place! 

gratitude page

Gratitude Page

Fill in one line a day for things that you are greatful for! 

It's simple but very effective! 

monthly overview

Monthly Overview

This is a great way to look at the month ahead, it allows you to see what you have to do and what appointments you have coming up! 

It's great for seeing if there are other things you need to do first! 

dated monthly calendar

Dated Monthly Calendar

This is the best way to plan your year! 

See at a glance any appointments so you don't double book yourself

future plans

2020 Future Plans

Don't forget something in the future, have the dates ready to transfer into a new diary when you are ready! 

You can get all this for just $7

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